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Guaranteed highest purity phosphates for sensitive applications
  Nutrients   Di Sodium Phosphate
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Tri Calcium Phosphate
  Di Magnesium Phosphate   Tri Magnesium Phosphate
  Di Potassium Phosphate   Tri Potassium Phosphate

Tailor-made leavening systems for light and delicious baked goods from cakes to frozen pizzas. Improving the quality of dough and flours
  Ammonium Bicarbonate   Potassium Sorbate
  Ascorbic Acid   SALP Replacer
  Calcium Carbonate   Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
  Calcium Propionate   Sodium Bicarbonate
  Citric Acid   Vanilla Extract
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Vanillin
  Mono Calcium Phosphate  

Ingredients for healthier juices by adding minerals
  Ascorbic Acid   Potassium Sorbate
  Citric Acid   Sodium Benzoate
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Sodium Saccharine
  Di Magnesium Phosphate   Sorbic Acid
  Di Potassium Phosphate   Tri Calcium Phosphate
  Di Sodium Phosphate   Tri Magnesium Phosphate
  Malic Acid   Tri Potassium Phosphate
  Mono Sodium Citrate   Tri Sodium Citrate

Emulsifying salts with optimum solubility and anti-caking properties. Specially formulated phosphates
  Ascorbic Acid   Tri Magnesium Phosphate
  Citric Acid   Tri Potassium Citrate
  Di Magnesium Phosphate   Tri Sodium Citrate
  Sodium Ascorbate   Specially formulated phosphates
  Sodium Saccharine   Emulsifying salts with optimum
  solubility and anti-caking properties

From our MD: "As a coeliac myself, I understand the need for full traceability and product control and our team work hard to address all allergens. Our ‘Free From’ ingredients are tailor-made for this Industry. If you have concerns about any specific allergies we can advise you about our products so that they meet the high standards you require."
  Ammonium Bicarbonate   Mono Calcium Phosphate
  Ascorbic Acid   Potassium Sorbate
  Calcium Propionate   Potato Starch
  Carboxy Methyl Cellulose   Rice Starch
  Citric Acid   Salt
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate
  Glycerine   Sodium Bicarbonate
  Guar Gum   Tapioca Flour
  Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose   Tri Calcium Phosphate
  Maize Starch   Vanilla Extract
  Malto Dextrin   Xanthan Gum

Well-balanced calcium phosphates for mineral enrichment, anti-caking agents and carriers for modern food processing
  Ascorbic Acid   Sodium Ascorbate
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Tri Calcium Phosphate
  Magnesium phosphate  

Specially formulated phosphates using integrated compounds for use in spray brine, tumbling solutions and marinades for cooked and cured meat products
  Ascorbic Acid   Sodium Acid Pyro Phosphate
  Citric Acid   Sodium Ascorbate
  Di Potassium Phosphate   Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate
  Di Sodium Phosphate   Sodium Lactate
  Guar Gum   Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate
  Lactic Acid   Tri Sodium Citrate
  Potassium Chloride   Xanthan Gum
  Potassium Sorbate  

Designed phosphates formulated for process reliability with technical specialities and stabilisers for healthy milk and whey products
  Ascorbic Acid   Tri Potassium Citrate
  Citric Acid   Tri Sodium Citrate
  Sodium Ascorbate  

Specially formulated phosphates and compounds with healthy additives for healthy pets
  Di Calcium Phosphate   Penta Sodium Tri Phosphate
  Di Magnesium Phosphate   Tetra Potassium Tri Phosphate
  Di Sodium Phosphate   Tetra Sodium Di Phosphate
  Mono Calcium Phosphate   Tri Calcium Phosphate
  Mono Potassium Phosphate   Tri Potassium Phosphate
  Mono Sodium Phosphate   Tri Sodium Phosphate
  Penta Potassium Tri Phosphate  

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